August 31, 2012

Football Sucess Starts with A Great Attitude

Here at SportsEddy football camps, Colorado, we know that having talent, training hard, having a great coach, and being on a great team is not enough for success. Do you know the missing ingredient? It's a winning attitude!

How's your attitude? Does it need a bit of adjustment? Do you ever feel a bit down, like you might not be able to reach your goals? Do you compare yourself to others, or blame teammates for your performance? Do you resent others with more talent, who get more attention, or for whom great football seems to come so much easier? The issue is not your teammates, your talent or lack of it, it's your attitude! A great attitude compensates for so much...

If you play football or any other sport, sometimes you need a bit of attitude adjustment, inspiration, or new motivation to keep going. Attitude is everything when it comes to winning, or even exploring and fulfilling your talent.


These tips will help you not just with your football game, but with everything in life.

1. Believe in yourself. You need to be your own best friend. Notice negative self talk and ask yourself what you can do to combat it. Can you simply stop believing in your fears and doubts, or do you need a bit of help? Self help books, friends who see you objectively, or even your coach can help you.

2. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, and more importantly, believe in themselves. They already have a winning attitude.

3. Set challenging goals: Have something you are working towards, something that keeps you motivated. Only you know what matters to you. It's hard to stay motivated if you are working towards someone elses goals, but easy if your goals are things that really excite you.

4. Learn to be pragmatic. Your team will not win every game. You cannot physically be at your peak in every practice or every game. This doesn't mean you are a failure... it's just life. Learn to roll with the punches, see what you can learn from the experience, and keep right on going. Those who try to learn from every experience are winners!

Here are some videos that might just inspire you to train a little harder, keep going long after you want to quit, and reach your goals.


This video deals directly with "attitude." Check it out:

Impossible is NOTHING! (Featuring David Beckham) 

If you've never seen the All Black's do the Haka, brace yourselves!

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