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Attention All High School Football Coaches — Know the Warning Signs of Concussion

September 11, 2012 FootballNo Comments

Here at SportsEddy, we are pretty passionate about the game of football. Our Colorado football camps are no-contact, eliminating much of the risk of injury in this aggressive sport. So we were saddened to see a tragic article in the news recently, about a high school football player in Texas who suffered so many concussions … Continue reading

Football Sucess Starts with A Great Attitude

August 31, 2012 FootballNo Comments

Here at SportsEddy football camps, Colorado, we know that having talent, training hard, having a great coach, and being on a great team is not enough for success. Do you know the missing ingredient? It’s a winning attitude! How’s your attitude? Does it need a bit of adjustment? Do you ever feel a bit down, … Continue reading

Is Your Child Old Enough to Play Football?

August 24, 2012 Football, Sports CampsNo Comments

SportsEddy youth football camps are no contact camps, where kids can learn the game and brush up on their skills in a highly supervised and safe arena, while having a fantastic time. But the sport of football is a contact sport, which makes many parents nervous. It’s a fact: parents who love to watch football … Continue reading

High School Football Kicks Off in Colorado and Nationwide

August 17, 2012 Ed McCaffrey Football Camps, FootballNo Comments

, via Wikimedia Commons”]By Peter Rimar (en:User:Chitrapa) [Public domainFall is in the air here in Denver, and although our youth football camps are over for the season, our players are back in school and training with their junior and senior high football teams. Here at SportsEddy camps, we’d like to extend a round of thanks … Continue reading

Adjust Your Attitude — Think Like an Olympian for Better Football Performance

August 9, 2012 Sports CampsNo Comments

Although our SportsEddy youth football camp season for summer 2012 has come to an end, the world of sports marches on. We’ve been avidly enjoying the London Olympics, and particularly admiring the spirit of the amazing athletes on the US Olympic team. Whether they win or lose, get silver or gold, when interviewed they are … Continue reading

Get Recruited! Tips for High School Football Players

July 31, 2012 Football, Sports CampsNo Comments

Most football players are “discovered” doing the very thing they do best — giving the sport their all on the field, each and every time they step out onto it. If you’re are on a high school team and playing college football or perhaps even turning pro is your dream, be smart. Get good grades, … Continue reading

Sun Safety at Colorado Football Camps

July 23, 2012 Ed McCaffrey Football Camps, Sports CampsNo Comments

Although usually football is played in the fall and winter, when it’s fairly cool out, Colorado football camps are an exception. They take place during the height of the summer’s heat. And for the kids here in Denver, experiencing some of the hottest days on record, precautions must be taken to assure their safety. The … Continue reading

Register for the Chad Brown Defense Clinic

July 11, 2012 Ed McCaffrey Football Camps, Football, Sports CampsNo Comments

Defending against attacking wingers? Dealing with aerial bombardment? Keeping attackers at bay? Defending as a unit? No, it’s not world war three — it’s football. SportsEddy presents the Chad Brown Defense Clinic, where junior and senior high school football players learn everything they need to know about the art of defense — NFL style — … Continue reading

DARE to PLAY Photo Album, Highlands Ranch CO, 2012

July 3, 2012 Ed McCaffrey Football CampsNo Comments

We hope these photos from the 2012 DARE to PLAY Football and DARE to CHEER Camps capture the joy and excitement of this fabulous annual event. Many thanks to our outstanding guest coaches Brian Dawkins and Jack Del Rio and of course, to Ed McCaffrey for hosting this event for the third year in a row.     Thanks … Continue reading

DARE to PLAY Football Camp Denver a Great Time for Campers and Coaches Alike

June 26, 2012 Ed McCaffrey Football CampsNo Comments

DARE to PLAY brings mainstream football fun to those who live outside the mainstream, the people with Down syndrome. One of the saddest things for people with disabilities is they are not included in more mainstream fun. There’s no way a Down syndrome kid will make a regular high school football team, but that doesn’t … Continue reading