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Directory of Denver Colorado Youth Sports Camps for Summer, 2012

Thursday, April 26th, 2012


If you’re interested in sending your kids to a Denver area sports camp this summer, SportsEddy presents a partial listing of what’s available.  Emphasis on the word partial, because Colorado has youth sports camps for every interest, sport and budget. There are sports day camps and sports overnight camps. There are single sport intensive camps and multi-sport camps. Coed camps and ... well, you get the picture. Many of these camps sound like they’re so much fun, we wish adults could attend!

We’re focusing on Colorado youth football camps that are for kids in similar same age ranges as SportsEddy Camps, 8 – 15.

Just a heads up – some of these camps are already filling up even as we write, so if you want to get your kid into their first choice, check them out now.

  1. 1.  University of Denver Nike Tennis Camps – offering tennis for all skill levels. Click here for their schedule.

  2. 2.  University of Denver Pioneers Lacrosse Camps – DU has a lot of camps happening, not just these, so contact them here.

  3. 3.  Colorado School of Mines Athletics Camps, Golden – offering golf, wrestling, swimming and diving, volleyball and more. Click here for more info. 

  4. 4.  Gold Crown Basketball, Denver – The Gold Crown Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded 1986 by former NBA great Bill Hanzlik, offering Hanzlik, golf, volleyball, basketball and multi-sports camps. Click here for more info. 

  5. 5.  Dream Big Day Camp, Denver – Offering baseball, basketball, lacrosse and soccer, dance and more. Click for more info.

  6. 6.  Harlem Globetrotters Summer Skills Clinics: Offering basketball camps. For info on the Denver camps click here.

  7. 7.  NBC Basketball Camp at Colorado Christian University, Lakewood – Obviously offering basketball. Information here.

  8. 8.  NIKE Baseball Camp at Regis University, Denver campus, boys only.

  9. 9.  Denver Fencing Center summer camps – offering both beginning and competitive fencing. On guard!

  10. 10.  JCC and MACC Summer Camps – Focusing on Jewish identity, they are offering day camps, sports camps, overnight camps and art and theater camps. More info.

Other Kinds of Denver Summer Camps

While combining this list we found out we had been scooped, so to speak, by a couple of Denver moms who had compiled their own list. Theirs includes all different kinds of summer camps, not just sports. It includes cool camps like the those happening at the fabulous Denver Zoo, gymnastics, outdoor adventure (including rock climbing!), learning a language, theatre, Legos (yes, for all those budding engineers out there) and so many more kinds of camps you have to see it to believe it.

For more Denver summer day camps, and other interesting ideas to enrich kids’ lives this summer, check out the website GoCityKids.

The Denver Post has published their own listings too, broken down into day camps and overnighters. Check it out here.

If you have a listing that we missed, please post it in the comments. Thanks, and although we have posted all these different youth sports camps, honestly  we hope to see you are OUR summer camps this year.


5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Youth Summer Sports Camp

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Parents, are you thinking of sending your kids off to a Colorado youth sports camp this summer?

High school coaches, do you have any athletes who need to take their game to the next level before next fall?

Kids, do you want to stay active and have a blast over the summer?

Sports camps abound, so how do you choose the right one? Here are some things to look for:

1.  Quality coaching: Sports camps offer a wide variety of coaches, from dads who love working with kids to high school coaches on vacation.

At sportsEddy, our coaches are professional athletes who have worked their way to the top, pushing through every obstacle in their way. To become pros, they’ve had to put their heart and soul in the game, giving it their all. They’ve had to learn as much as they could, continually upping their game, working for years at improving their skills... aren’t those the kind of people you’d like as your coaches?

2.  Values: Is the camp just a place to have some fun (nothing wrong with that) or does it have a deeper mission? Does it seek to instill in young people the value of hard work to reach a goal, teamwork and fair play, as well as kindness and compassion?

In short, you want a camp that gives kids a deeper benefit than just a few weeks entertainment on their summer break. Look for one that stresses the kind of qualities and values that will make them winners not just at the game of their choice, but at the game of life as well.

3.  Organization and Safety: Look for an experienced sports camp, run by experienced professionals. Make sure they have a fully trained pro on staff to tend to any minor injuries that might happen; someone who knows what signs to look for in the unlikely case of more serious injuries like concussion. Kids’ health and safety should always be top priority.

4.  Accommodate different skill levels: Look for a sports camp that can teach anyone from complete beginners learning a brand new sport to kids who have been playing for several years on a school team, and everyone in between. 

5.  Last but not least.... FUN! In some ways, being a kid is about having fun just as much as it is learning about life. Why not combine the two? A sports camp should be fun, exciting, and so worthwhile and enjoyable that it stands out as a favorite life experience for years to come.

Click here to see a FAQ about our Colorado youth football camps.

Click here to see our own Ed McCaffrey coaching the kids at camp.

At sportsEddy youth sports camps, we offer coaching by professional athletes who are passionate about their sport, celebrity guest speakers instilling the importance of health, fitness and education and an experienced, well organized, well run camp. There is always a professional trainer experienced in first aid and the treatment of minor injuries.

Join us this summer... look forward to seeing you!